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Comprehensive Protection and Peace of Mind

Comprehensive Protection and Peace of Mind

Synectics designs end-to-end integrated security and surveillance solutions for the world’s most challenging environments. In locations where security and surveillance are a priority to customers operations, Synectics excels.

Across the globe, we secure assets, processes and people in the most complex and demanding environments imaginable. Delivering on this challenge for our customers is our driving force.

Our expertise and experience is focused on complex projects that require tailored solutions with high reliability and flexibility, specifically for gaming, oil and gas, marine, transport, infrastructure and public space applications.


Offshore Success with Multiple Vessel Contracts

Synectics has been awarded contracts for ten vessels including LNG Carriers, LPG Carriers and FSRUs.

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Radar Integration Solution for Synergy 3

Synectics has developed a dedicated radar integration solution for its Synergy 3 command and control platform.

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Critical Decision Making Through Integrated Surveillance

Discover the benefits of workflows in the latest edition of The Interview Room with David Aindow.

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Surveillance Redundancy and Resilience White Paper

Surveillance Redundancy and Resilience: Prevent Data Loss and Downtime

More data is being generated by security and surveillance systems than ever before. As a result, protecting this data has become a much larger and important task. Our white paper - Surveillance Redundancy and Resilience - explores how effective unit level protection can strengthen a surveillance network, the options available for robust system level protection, and practical considerations when specifying redundancy and resilience measures.

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