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Cut Through the Noise and Identify What Really Matters

It is becoming increasingly difficult to detect threats from cameras alone as high risk indicators are often buried within petabytes of video and alarm data.

As camera counts increase and additional third party systems are connected to the network, data proliferates, making it harder to identify real threats from benign activity.

To help surveillance personnel sift through all that data, Synectics has developed Dataveillance, a powerful data analysis engine that correlates video, alarm, and transactional information from multiple third party systems.

Why is Dataveillance Important?

Security breaches, fraud, theft, or collusion often cannot be detected from a single camera view or alarm. Instead, it requires simultaneously monitoring a combination of interrelated data points from multiple cameras, door alarms, tripwires, or other third party systems. For example, a refund at a cash register is a normal occurrence, as is no one in line. But, anytime a refund is issued without a customer in line at the register, it becomes a suspicious event that warrants review.

The ability to harness and simultaneously analyse multiple security databases with customer-specific algorithms and to automatically combine the data with related video helps operators expose, and proactively react to, complex deception, escalating threats, and covert criminal activity with far more accuracy and efficiency.

How Does Dataveillance Work?

As data is pushed to the surveillance network from various integrated systems, Dataveillance captures and organises it in a common database environment.

Security managers can then create “if/and/or” rules to monitor and analyse the data in real time or after the fact. Dataveillance could, for example, look for a series of events happening in sequence, over a specified time period, and that fall outside of “normal” parameters.

Suspicious incidents can trigger an alarm in Synergy’s graphical user interface (GUI), which instantly presents time-synchronised video from associated cameras for visual verification.

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