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Public Attitudes to CCTV - What Can We Learn?

Following our latest research into the UK CCTV market, we've produced a white paper that explores some critical issues surrounding Public Space CCTV in the UK:

  • How public perceptions and expectations can be set and met
  • Why communication is key
  • What information should be shared

Full of best practices and real-world examples the paper also provides a breakdown of the results, and looks at what the findings mean for the real-world.

Download the white paper >>

About the Research

In March 2014, in partnership with CCTV User Group, Synectics commissioned new research into the public's perception of CCTV in the UK. The survey sought to gain an insight into general beliefs and attitudes towards CCTV including how it is used, managed and regulated. The results of the study revealed strong support for public space surveillance with 86% of people backing its use. 80% of those surveyed said that they don't receive enough information about CCTV and 76% think the primary purpose of CCTV should be to help prevent crime and anti-social behaviour.

Download a copy of the 2014 research results >>

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