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Storage Area Networks: Meeting the Needs
of Big Data and Major Infrastructure
Surveillance Systems

Data storage has come a long way. Magnetic tape was first invented back in 1951, triggering a data storage revolution. By the mid-50s, IBM had invented the first-ever hard drive which took up almost an entire room – back then, big was beautiful. But as the technologies we use have advanced, so too has the volume and complexity of data produced and that has forced a rethink in data storage. Storage Area Networks (SAN) present a new option for surveillance data storage. This white paper takes an in-depth look at SAN's and covers:

  • Current storage options for video surveillance.
  • The key features of a SAN.
  • How SAN compares to Direct and Network Attached Storage.
  • Security considerations and the emergence of cloud storage.
  • Why Big Data is going to keep growing.

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